This solution allows users to enable their devices to receive the latest Microsoft January 2018 Security Patch:

This procedure is applicable to all Windows OS from 7.0 SP1 to Windows 10 version 1709, and respective Server SKUs, except Windows 8.0/Server 2012.  Both the x86 and x64 architectures are applicable.

Due to an issue with some versions of Anti-virus software, this fix is only being made applicable to the machines where a specific registry key, referred to as the ALLOW REGKEY, has been created.
Once the ALLOW REGKEY is set, the device will be offered the update the next time it checks for updates or the security patch can be downloaded from the Microsoft catalog.
You can learn more about the security patch at the Microsoft Security Update Summary page (specific information about this registry modification can be found in KB4056892).

Please note that we have tested our current production version of Webroot SecureAnywhere (9.0.18.x) and confirmed that we are compatible with the above referenced Microsoft security patch.

We will soon be releasing our next version of Webroot SecureAnywhere (9.0.19.x) that will automatically set the ALLOW REGKEY registry key required to receive the security patch from Microsoft.

Meanwhile, if you would like to receive the Microsoft security patch before the release of Webroot SecureAnywhere (9.0.19.x), we have provided the following steps below to set the required registry key: 
  1. Click on the web link here:-
  2. If you are using Chrome, the file will download straight away.  Other web browsers may ask what to do with the file; choose Save.
  3. When the web browser has downloaded the file use Explorer and click on the Downloads folder
  4. Double click on
  5. You will see another file called MSJan18RegFlag.  Double click on this file.
  6. You will be prompted with multiple warnings.  Keep clicking on Run / Yes as appropriate to proceed.
  7. Eventually you will be told that keys and values have been successfully added to the registry.  Click on Ok.
  8. Process is complete.
This will add the appropriate registry value and set you up to receive the Microsoft security patch during the next check for updates on your device. 
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