What is SAT Autopilot?
SAT Autopilot is a turnkey security awareness program. You manage the list of users; we’ll send them a training campaign and a phishing campaign every month.

Why should I do this instead of creating my own campaigns?
Many admins don’t have time (or don’t want to spend time) configuring training campaigns and phishing simulations. Let our experts do the work of picking appropriate, timely, relevant content from our catalog and help you scale up a security awareness program that follows the best practice of monthly training and phishing campaigns.

You can still create your own campaigns alongside Autopilot as you see fit. For example, you can organize your audience with Sites and Distribution Lists specifically for Autopilot to experiment and see what works best for your goals.

Exactly what are you sending and when will you send it?
The schedule is available in the Webroot Management console.

Training campaigns:
  • Last for 4 weeks
  • Usually launch at 6:00 AM Pacific on the second Tuesday of the month
  • Are generally 4-7 minutes in length
  • Have automatic weekly reminders enabled

Phishing campaigns:
  • Last for 2 weeks
  • Have varied launch dates and times so they are not predictable
  • Have delivery spread over 2 days

We don’t publish the schedule beyond 3 months to give us room to plan content according to security trends and real world events.

To view the Autopilot schedule:
  1. Log in to the Webroot Management console.
  2. In the left nav bar, select Security Awareness Training.
  3. In the top nav bar, select Autopilot.
  4. Click the View Autopilot Campaign Schedule button.
How do I view reports for these campaigns?
Autopilot campaigns will appear in your Campaigns list a week before the scheduled launch date. While the campaigns are in Scheduled status, you can click the campaign to view the detailed settings. Once the campaign launches, you can click the campaign to view reporting like you normally would for a campaign you created yourself. If you enrolled multiple sites in Autopilot, the campaign will include a separate report for each one.

How do I sign up?
Go to the Autopilot tab in the Security Awareness Training section of the Webroot Management console. From there you can enable Autopilot and opt your sites or distribution lists into the program.

How do I opt out after signing up?
From the Autopilot tab you can opt out any sites or distribution lists, or disable Autopilot altogether. Note that this won’t end any campaigns that have already been scheduled for you, which are visible on the Campaigns tab. You can cancel those Autopilot campaigns from the Campaigns tab by clicking on the kebab menu and clicking End campaign.

Can I opt out of a particular campaign on the schedule?
Yes, you can end any campaign in the seven-day period leading up to its scheduled launch. Find it in your Campaigns list, click on the kebab menu, and click End campaign.

What else do I need to do?
Besides managing the list of users (we recommend setting up Azure AD integration), you are responsible for configuring your email environment to accept messages from Webroot’s mail servers.

Here is more information on configuring settings to allow mail for:

When do the campaigns expire?
Training campaigns expire after four weeks. Phishing campaigns expire after two weeks.

Are there reminders for users who don’t take the training?
Yes, users will get up to three weekly reminders until the campaign ends if they don’t complete the training.

What is the cutoff date for including users in the next Autopilot campaign?
Autopilot campaigns will be automatically scheduled and appear in your campaigns list seven days ahead of their launch date. Any sites or distribution lists that you have opted into Autopilot will be enrolled in the next Autopilot campaign seven days prior to the campaign launching. However, you can continue to add and remove users from the enrolled sites or distribution lists all the way up until the time of the scheduled launch.

Can I send someone an Autopilot campaign after it already launched?
No. Anyone you add to a site or distribution list enrolled in Autopilot after the Autopilot campaign launched will have to wait for the next scheduled campaign. Autopilot campaigns will automatically include any users added to the enrolled Sites and Distribution Lists before launch. Also, once the campaign is scheduled in your dashboard, you cannot change the enrolled Sites and Distribution lists. Changes to the enrolled Sites and Distribution lists will only affect Autopilot campaigns not yet scheduled.

To include additional users you can copy Autopilot campaigns (by clicking on the kebab menu and clicking Copy) to send them to additional users that missed the cutoff.

Can I modify the launch date (or other parameters) for Autopilot campaigns?
No. But you can create a copy of the scheduled Autopilot campaigns (by clicking the kebab menu and clicking Copy) and make any changes you would like. Just remember to end any scheduled Autopilot campaigns you do not wish to launch.

Will Autopilot add new features?
Yes! Webroot plans to add new features to Autopilot and we value your input for design and prioritization. Please share your feedback and ideas to help guide the features that matter most to you.

This page requires a Webroot Community account for access, information on creating one is available.

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