The following FAQ provides information on migrating from the previous Webroot Mobile Security applications to the current Webroot Mobile Security application.

+What is the Webroot Mobile Security App?
The new Webroot Mobile Security offers a powerful application that provides malware detection and web-surfing security. Once installed, your Android will have the defense of an industry-leading cyber resilience company. Mobile Security will scan your device and mitigate threats. While shopping and banking online, Webroot keeps your identity and data safe by blocking phishing sites, spam sites, malware sites, and other malicious activities.

+Why do I need to upgrade to the new Webroot Mobile Security App?
Due to evolving Google technical policies, we can no longer enhance the previous app’s features or functionalities. To assist with the migration process, we have created the following instructions:
Video: 2022 Webroot Mobile Security App Upgrade

+Why am I seeing the notification of “SecureAnywhere: Important update available”?
To continue uninterrupted service, if you are using the old version of Webroot Mobile Security on your Android device, you will be prompted to migrate to the new app.


+What will happen if I do not open the app to migrate to Webroot Mobile Security?
Due to infrastructure requirements, the old App Webroot Mobile Security will stop working after the summer of 2022. Webroot advises upgrading to the new app for continued security on your devices.

+Why am I seeing the notification of “SecureAnywhere: Action Required”?
As part of the migration process, we encourage you to select the notification and follow the instructions to upgrade to the new Webroot Mobile Security app. If you do not complete the migration process, the notification will continue to appear on your device.
If you complete the process but the old Webroot Mobile Security app has not been uninstalled, the notification will continue to appear. Please proceed to the next question for uninstalling the app.


+Why can’t I uninstall the old Webroot Mobile Security App?
Webroot Mobile Security App uses the Device Administration permission for a few requirements. If the app is linked to your Device Administration Configuration, then you cannot uninstall the app until you Deactivate it from the Device configuration.
To do this please go to your Device Administration Settings> uncheck the SecureAnywhere App from the list >Deactivate the Device Administration and then try to delete the old app.

Note: The Device Admin screen’s navigation, look, and feel may be different based on Android device settings.

+The new Webroot Mobile Secure App is not working on a few devices.
Error "The app has a bug requiring developer fix." was reported in (but may not be limited to):
  • Samsung S22 Ultra
  • Samsung S8 Tablet with OS
  • Android 12
  • One UI 4.1
Our developers are actively working to resolve this.

+Why has my new App Crashed after migration?
This error was reported in (but may not be limited to) Android OS 6 and 7 versions. The new Webroot Mobile Security app will crash once or twice within a few seconds after users upgrade and open the app. Once this occurs, relaunch the app. It will function normally moving forward.

+I clicked "Continue" but the new app is not available for my country, why is it not available?
Webroot Mobile Security was initially launched in 8 countries and now its availability has been extended to near about 169 countries.
The app is currently unavailable for the following countries: China, Cuba, Georgia, Iran, Macao, Myanmar, Russia, and Sudan

+The app provided a keycode but it’s saying expired. What should I do?
Check the keycode license information against your receipts or confirmation emails to be sure it’s accurate. If you were using the free version of the app and are seeing keycode expired, please reach out to our sales team for assistance. For contact information, please click here and choose the sales number for the location that works best for you. A representative will be happy to discuss all of the options available.

+How can we contact Webroot support?
Please reach out to support through https://www.webroot.com/us/en/support/support-home

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