This solution addresses Webroot SecureAnywhere

The SecureAnywhere interface provides access to all functions and settings. To open the main interface, you can:
When you open the main interface, it displays the Overview panel.

Protected panel. The left section of the window displays information about system scans and the status of your subscription to SecureAnywhere. You can manually scan the system any time by clicking the Scan My Computer button. The default scan schedule is set to run daily at the time you installed the software. To change the schedule, click Advanced Settings > Scheduler.

Stay Informed Window. The panel at the bottom provides access to virus alerts and other important information from Webroot. Click the button to open a web page with more information.

SecureAnywhere features. The right side of the main window provides links to SecureAnywhere features. To expand that section of the panel, click the name. For example, the above illustration shows the PC Security panel expanded.  
Main Interface Options
Advanced Settings Define how you want your installation of SecureAnywhere to operate.
PC Security Change shield settings, manage firewall and quarantine.
Identity Protection Protect sensitive data that may be exposed during your online transactions.
Backup & Sync Protect your files by uploading them to Webroot's online repository.

Note: Backup & Sync may not be available in your edition.
Password Manager Create a secure password generator and storage facility.

Note: Passwords may not be available in your edition.
Utilities Use tools to manage processes and files, view reports and create a SafeStart Sandbox

Note: The System Optimizer may not be available in your edition.
My Account View your SecureAnywhere account information and access the Web Console.
Support / Community Contact customer support or search for and discuss issues with the Webroot community.

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