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A console is a view of the users and devices in your account. Using multiple consoles is a way to categorize the users and devices in your account, to simplify account management.

For example, if you manage PC Security for your family members in addition to your own PC Security, you can create separate consoles for each family member. To add consoles, you add the product keycode for each additional product to your account.

To add consoles you use your existing login information.

To add a console to your account:
  1. Open your browser to the Webroot SecureAnywhere Home page.
  2. Instead of logging in to your account, click Create Account:

  3. In the Create an account page, enter the Webroot Product Keycode of the product you are adding to your account.
  4. Specify your existing account information for email address, password, security code, and security question and answer.
  5. Click Register Now.

    Webroot SecureAnywhere recognizes your account information:

  6. Click Select in the left panel to add a new console. Webroot SecureAnywhere creates the console and prompts you to log in.
  7. Log in with your account information and choose the new unnamed console:

    Now you can name your new console and manage the users and devices in it.

    Tip: To name your new console, click the pencil-shaped edit icon in the upper right of the Home page and type the name. You can use numbers and spaces in the name, but not special characters. To switch consoles, click the monitor-shaped icon in the upper right of the page and choose a console from the drop-down list.
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