Guest: Your e-mail account is sending spam messages to your contacts
Webroot:If your e-mail account is sending out spam messages to your contacts, it is likely that someone has obtained the password for account and is using it send those messages. This is not typically caused by a virus on your computer. The fix for this is fairly simple, however: just change your password.

We suggest you choose a strong password which you have not used before.  Strong passwords are typically at least 8 characters long, and should contain capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Also, try to avoid using dictionary words, unless you spell them using numbers or symbols (eg. use "3" instead of the letter "E".) After changing your password, the spam messages being sent from your account should stop.

If, after taking these steps, you still believe that your account is compromised, e-mail service providers often recommend deactivating the account and creating a new one; but, changing your password should be sufficient to resolve the issue.

Should you require further assistance with this matter, feel free to contact us.  Click here to view our contact information.
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