Guest: You want to manage detected threats
Webroot:This solution addresses Webroot SecureAnywhere for Mac OS X 10.7 and higher

If SecureAnywhere detects a threat or suspicious file, it prompts you to manage the item.

Note: We recommend that you move all items to quarantine, where they are rendered inoperable. If you determine later that you need the file, you can restore it to its original location.

To manage threats:
  1. In the Items Found panel, review the list of file names.
  2. Keep the checkboxes selected, so items will be moved to quarantine.
    However, if you recognize a filename and know that you need it to run an application, you can deselect its checkbox. For any items you deselect, SecureAnywhere restores them to their original locations. Do not restore a file unless you are absolutely sure it is legitimate.
  3. Click Next.
    SecureAnywhere guides you through the quarantine process, then runs a scan again to make sure all traces of the threats are removed. You do not need to delete items from quarantine, unless you want to preserve disk space.
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