Using Webroot Mobile Security day-to-day



Webroot Mobile Security will alert you if:

Manual Scanning

Webroot Mobile Security continuously scans your device and is always up-to-date. To run a scan, tap SCAN NOW.

Malware Detected

When Webroot Mobile Security has detected a security risk to your device, a tray will slide up with three choices:    Webroot Mobile Security will also display the current status as Attention Needed on the app home page, with a red GO button to manage the security risk.

URL Block Page

Webroot Mobile Security will display a Warning on high-risk websites. The web page has three choices:

Webroot Mobile Security Menu and Settings

The app menu gives you access to actions and app settings. The app menu is accessed by tapping the “three dots” icon at the right side of the address bar at the top of the app.
Tap the menu and then:


The procedure to uninstall Webroot Mobile Security will vary from device to device. The most common methods that work on most devices are:
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