The polling interval controls how often the Business agents check-in to the console. A shorter polling interval results in devices checking in more often, enabling admins to make policy changes and issue agent commands faster. The polling intervals available range from 15 minute to 24 hours, with several options in the middle.

The best practice recommendation is to change the setting from the default of daily to 15 minutes.

To update the polling interval:
  1. Log into the Webroot management console.
  2. In the left nav bar, click Policies  and select the Endpoint Protection tab.
  3. Find the policy that you want to modify. Under the Actions column (far right), click the hamburger menu (3 stacked dots) and select Edit.
  4. In the Policy Settings section, at the top locate Basic Settings.
  5. Click the down caret to expand the section, at the bottom of the list locate the Poll Interval setting. Use the drop-down menu to select the polling interval, options available:
    • 15 Minutes
    • 30 Minutes
    • 1 Hour
    • 2 Hours
    • 3 Hours
    • 4 Hours
    • 6 Hours
    • 12 Hours
    • Daily
  6. Click Save to modify the policy and save the new setting.
  7. Apply the updated policy to devices. For information on applying policies, click here.
  8. Policy changes are received and processed during the polling interval assigned to the endpoint policy for that device. You can force devices to check-in when needed or change the polling interval to force devices to check-in more frequently.

For more information on policies, see:
If you need additional assistance with policies, please contact Support.
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