Verifying domains and loading targets are important tasks that need to be completed before phishing or training campaigns can be created.
Verifying domains involves defining the domain(s) that will be used as part of campaigns. Email domains are verified by first adding an email address from that domain. The system will send a verification message to the provided email address and once the link contained in that message is clicked, the domain registration process is complete for that domain.
Note: Public domains, such as and are not supported.
Loading targets involves entering information for the users that will be included as part of campaigns, click here for assistance.

How to verify domains:

  1. Log in to the Webroot Management console.
  2. In the left nav bar, select Sites List and find and click the Site you want to investigate. You can also use the box at the top of the page to search for a Site by name.
  3. On the right side of the screen under the Subscriptions column, hover your mouse over S and click the rectangular icon with the arrow pointing to the upper right. This opens the Security Awareness Training console.
  4. If no domains or targets have been loaded, the system displays warning messages and prompts you to verify domains and import targets before continuing.
  5. Click the link to verify domains or click Domains in the left hand nav menu to display the Verified Domains page.
    Note: The system always checks for verified domains and targets and will display warning messages until both have been loaded. You can click the link for each respective warning to be taken to the configuration page for that setting.
  6. In the Add new domain box, replace the example email address ( with a valid email address from the domain you want to add, then click +Add Domain.
    Note: It is best to use an email account that you have access to as you will need to click a link in the verification email message to complete the process. 
  7. The system sends a verification message to the email address provided. Click the link in the message to complete the domain verification process.
  8. Repeat these steps for each domain that needs to be added.

For more information on Security Awareness Training, please see:
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