To install the Webroot Business Endpoint Protection agent using GPO, you should have experience with Microsoft Active Directory and the GPO editor.
Note: Webroot Support does not troubleshoot GPO and will not be able to answer GPO related questions.

For more information on GPO from Microsoft, click here.
You can also watch a video on how to use GPO at How to Deploy Using Group Policy - SecureAnywhere Business.

Installing the Webroot agent using GPO
  1. Download the agent MSI installer to a network share, using the link below. Storing the MSI file in a network share makes it accessible to other devices.
    Note: When installing the Webroot Business Endpoint Protection agent to a system running Windows XP/2003, please download the best version of the agent for these operating systems from the link below.
  2. Go to the server that is the domain controller for the deployment group.
  3. Open the GPO editor on the domain controller and create a policy for the deployment group.
  4. Assign the Webroot Business Endpoint Protection agent to all the devices belonging to the Organizational Unit where the Group Policy is created.
The Webroot Business - Endpoint Protection agent installs on the devices in the group when they restart.

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