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Is Webroot SecureAnywhere compatible with other antivirus software?

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Although security software companies have, traditionally, advised against running multiple antivirus programs on the same computer, this rule does not hold true for Webroot SecureAnywhere. The reason for such recommendations involved the way traditional antivirus programs run. SecureAnywhere is different.

Most antivirus software is very aggressive. When an antivirus program scans a file, it accesses that file and locks it until the scan is complete, so other programs can’t access it. If multiple real-time antivirus scanners are installed on the same system, the secondary system will attempt to scan the file the moment it is accessed by the first scan. Now, both programs are competing to scan the file. Depending on the aggressiveness of each program, one may detect the conflict as an “attack” and attempt to block the offending process. Now, the two antivirus programs are not only competing for the same file, but are actively working against one another. This causes a strong struggle for resources on your computer that can drastically impact system performance, and can leave your system more vulnerable to malware attacks.

Antispyware software, on the other hand, is non-aggressive toward antivirus software. While it may try to lock files being actively scanned, it will not compete with an antivirus program when the latter attempts to block or take control of a file. This is why antispyware applications can run alongside most antivirus protection without issue.

As mentioned above, Webroot SecureAnywhere works differently from other virus protection. SecureAnywhere does not rely on the customary system of definition sets to make determinations. Instead, this new program examines file behavior and system interaction closely to determine if files are malicious or not. Only files that present risk are examined.

Using the same advanced behavioral detection that determines which files are malicious, SecureAnywhere is able to recognize other virus protection software on your computer as one of “the good guys.” This means SecureAnywhere won’t block with on-access scanning or try to break through legitimate lockouts. In this way, potential software conflicts, and the resulting system slowness and vulnerability, can be avoided. You can run SecureAnywhere alongside another antivirus program safely.

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